noacejustyou-archive asked:

this is sort of random but what are your thoughts on jorah? fandom seems to be torn over him; some call him a ~nice guy~ (which i don't entirely agree with) and idk just curious if you had any feelings on him?

nickigrants answered:

AWHMEEEEEEN i love Jorah though.

The “nice guy” argument is such a joke, honestly. On this website, if a boy likes a girl and she does not like him back, he is a “nice guy”. The standards for that concept are ridiculously low because this is Tumblr and hyperbole is king. 

Honestly though. He never expressed that she owed him a thing. He gets swept up in expressing his feelings for her, but never in a cruel or demanding way. He never used her lack of feelings for him as an excuse to attack her character. He continued to serve her loyally because he cared about her…but MORE IMPORTANTLY because he truly believed she would be a great queen. 

Jorah as a whole is pretty cool too because I do love characters who really do have a past as a bad/cruel person and have since changed. I love [[ SPOILERS ]] his past selling slaves comes back to him full circle and it is a crime he truly does pay for. In true asoiaf fashion, the guy who actually tried making himself better after the horrible things he’s done ended up paying for his past. 

and even after losing Dany’s favor, he is still unquestionably loyal to her in every way. That’s conviction man.